Work With Me

Why should you work with me?

Because coaching is something I’m really good at. Yes, I know that sounds big headed but I’m quite serious. Coaching is something I have experienced both as a coach and as a coachee (it’s a word, I googled it!).

Coaching is like problem solving with feelings. We look at the problem and then look for the emotional attachment behind it which takes us to the root cause.

But in simple terms, it’s a conversation. A magical conversation that is full of penny dropping light bulb moments.

I truly believe that coaching is for everyone. The benefits are endless and although some might see it as an expense, it should be seen as and in fact is, a bloody brilliant investment.

When you pay for personal training you are investing in your health and fitness.

When you pay for a couples retreat or therapy you are investing in your relationship.

When you pay for Amazon Prime membership, you are investing….no sorry, that’s just being impatient and wanting same day delivery!

My point? Coaching is investing in yourself. And by doing that every part of your life is impacted and benefits from that investment.


With that being said, if you’d like to work with me these are the programs and packages I offer:


Soulful Sobriety

This is my 6 week group coaching program that will help you navigate life in your new sober skin both confidently and comfortably.

Turn that FOMO into JOMO. Become a boundary creating machine without being a bitch. Feel all the feels and handle them like a boss. Don’t let sobriety stop you from living a kick ass life! And so much more…

What’s included:

  • Private Facebook group.
  • 2 x 1:1 coaching sessions with me.
  • Weekly group coaching via zoom.
  • Weekly mindset videos and exercises.
  • Accountability buddy
  • Small group for an intimate experience.

Duration: 6 weeks


Soul Food – 1:1 package

Feeling meh? Life lacking that buzz and excitement? I hear you girl!

You need to find the stuff that feeds your soul and my Soul Food program is the thing for you!

4-6 weeks of exploring the stuff that lights you up and fuels your fire.

Let’s help you find the shit that makes you say ‘yes, this is what it’s about!’. Are you in?

3 x 1:1 online coaching sessions (60-90mins).

Duration: 4-6 weeks.



Soulful Warrior – 1:1 package

This is the ultimate program for the soul. This is for you if you are ready to go the distance? If you are really truly ready to MAKE SHIT HAPPEN!

In Soulful Warrior, you get to rediscover who you are. I’ll help you dig deep, uncover the crap and dispose of it. With your new found power in hand we look forward and think about the next steps. I’ll help you create your vision, make a plan and start taking action. As you move forward I’ll support and guide you on your journey and be your biggest cheerleader.

12 x 1:1 online coaching sessions (60-90mins).

Duration: 3 months.


Each package also includes on going message support from me and I will aim to respond to your messages within 24 hours or less.

If you are interested in group or 1:1 coaching with me but the above packages aren’t to your liking, please feel free to contact me to discuss other options.