The Soulful Warrior

Hey there, so excited for you to be here. I’m Shaena, the name behind the other name.

I’m just a girl, standing in front of a…shit wrong movie.

In fact there’s no movie, no best selling books, sellout workshops or 3 day events.

I’m here doing this because what you’re going through, I’ve already been there. But instead of a T-shirt I got a whole bunch of lessons, insight and clarity. And I just want to share what I know with you now.

My childhood was a world away from traumatic. I had a loving family, we were financially stable and unlike a lot of asian females of my age growing up, I actually had quite a bit of freedom.

Things started to change as I started to navigate adulthood. I wanted happily married, successful and settled; but instead I got confused, lost, constantly searching, sometimes running, frequently wallowing, occasionally broken. Bit of a difference, hey?

I wanted so desperately to belong, yet all I felt was alone. Until eventually all I knew was how to keep hitting the self destruct button over and over.

This showed up as toxic relationships, using alcohol as a coping mechanism, depression and suicidal tendencies and boy was I a nightmare to have around.

Until one day, even that got boring. I was exhausted, fed up, over it. I knew something had to change and that something was me.

And that’s when the soulful warrior was born.

Soulful – because I’m a passionate person who feels thing deeply and has learnt to listen to her soul.

Warrior – because I come with battle scars, war wounds and a whole bunch of stories and lessons.

After several months of soul searching, healing and being coached back to life, I finally found my purpose. The reason I believe I was put on this planet and why I’m living this life.

And my mission now is to help and guide as many women who are struggling in life just as I was. Those who are desperately lost and looking to find direction, purpose and meaning.

So that’s why I’m here and if that’s why you’re here, then we should definitely have a chat.