Samantha Andrews – Kent, England

Earlier this year I can now honestly say I was in a crisis. I knew I needed to change things in my life, yet was completely stuck on how to do so! Shaena listened, and gave me the space to say everything I needed to out loud. She was so supportive, it gave me permission to be ok with the decisions I was making. She also helped me realise I didn’t have to have all the answers and that was a pivotal moment. I stopped, took a breath and low and behold things have changed completely for the better. I would absolutely recommend her for anyone who needs support or direction. She’s also an excellent human being who I feel lucky to now know.

Caroline Tapken – Mansfield, England

Shaena is superb at really listening and asking questions to make you reconsider how you think.I thought I was on the right track, and didn’t need a coach, but realised I was avoiding exactly what would help me move forwards. Shaena uncovered that for me. Coaching is such a positive experience and Shaena is a warm, friendly and creates a safe comfortable space for you to talk through those challenges you might not be able to share with anyone else. My conversations with Shaena always leave me motivated, focused and able to tackle anything.

Lynne Thorburn – Perthshire, Scotland

The support from the group and Shaena was absolutely phenomenal. It has completely made me feel even more stonger in my sobriety so much so I am now on another 90 day challenge.

Shaena has been there for us to reach out to whenever we have needed some coaching to keep us strong and keep us moving forward, can’t thank her enough.

Kerry Harris – Surrey, England

Shaena has been faultless right from the first time I met her. She always goes above and beyond and is completely authentic. Her knowledge and understanding is excellent. I would have no hesitation in recommending her for coaching. I look forward to continuing to work with her.