When I started my business I wanted to keep my content recognisable. Personal branding is very important…or so I’m told. Being new to the whole entrepreneurial world and starting out I didn’t have the funds to get a snazzy logo designed for my brand.

So as any clueless business newbie would do, I hit up google and got myself a nice pretty lotus flower from images.

Why a lotus flower?

I became obsessed with the lotus flower about 10 years ago when I started my first ever blog site.

The lotus flower symbolises rebirth and this has always resonated with me having had to ‘start over’ in life many times. The idea of such a beautiful flower blooming from dark murky water is how I see me and my transformation in life.

Going back to this particular image, when I started creating my website I felt I needed to find the owner and ask permission to continue using it as this would be my formal branding going forward.

After using my investigative skills I discovered the image belonged to an artist and graphic designer who in addition to the lotus flower had created some beautiful images. He agreed that I could continue using his image for my logo in exchange for a link to his Etsy shop on my website.



In addition to co-hosting my own podcast, I’ve also been a guest on several others. For someone who who wouldn’t speak out in class and hates the sound of her own voice, it seems you can’t shut me up now.

The Bullshit Detective



I occasionally also write guest blog posts for other websites; here are some of the posts I’ve written recently.

Not Your Wife

Unlike a lot of South Asian females my age, when I was 18 I was allowed to drink alcohol openly. I submersed myself in the UK drinking culture throughout my time at university and in life in general. In my mid 20s I started to struggle with my mental health and my drinking habits changed. For me alcohol became my way of coping and as life took its toll, my drinking became a very big problem. Click to continue reading.

Bee Sober

As I write this I am 13 months and 5 days sober.

What the actual F*CK?!

I don’t have an app that counts my days anymore. I got rid of it when I got to 100 days.

That might sound a bit cocky but I wanted to redirect my focus on living every day instead of counting every day. And by then I felt fairly comfortable in my sobriety.

Wow! For someone not trying to sound cocky I’m coming across like a right cocky twat! I promise, I really am not like that! Click to continue reading.