Coach For Good

Work with me and together we will make something wonderful happen in the world.

After turning my life around, I knew my mission was clear. Help people.

Through my coaching business, I get to do exactly that. And I absolutely love it. But for me, I knew that I wanted to do more. Make a bigger difference.

That’s why I joined up with B1G1. They provide an effortless way for businesses around the world to contribute to global giving projects. When I was introduced to the organisation and the initiative I was sold and signed up in minutes.

Knowing that I am not only helping individuals who come to me for my services, but that together we are also contributing to positive change around the world gives my business even more meaning and purpose.

It also means that I get to support high impact projects that I feel aligned with through any chosen day to day business activity. For example at Soulful Warrior Coaching, if you book a discovery call, a disadvantaged child in India receives access to an education program.

So, what that means for you is that by working with me, you are helping me to support these projects. For example if you complete a months worth of coaching with me we can decide together which project to support; and with over 500 projects to choose from, I’m fairly certain you’ll find something that resonates with you.

Investing in yourself can often feel like a selfish thing to do (even thought it isn’t) but this way you get to do that whilst simultaneously giving to any of these incredible projects. How cool is that?

Also, each project is part of at least one of the 17 Sustainable Giving Goal’s as agreed by the United Nation’s.

One of my favourite projects is the carbon offset bundle. By including this in my monthly contribution I am offsetting my monthly carbon emissions by giving to tree planting projects, food rescue initiatives and solar energy projects around the globe. Having switched to a vegan diet at the start of 2021, it’s a good feeling knowing I’m doing what I can to reverse some of damage we have done to our home.

There is so much I love about B1G1, from its simplicity and transparency to the fact you can literally see where every penny of your giving is going. That counter at the bottom of every page of this website is automatically updated when you and I give, so we can always see the good we are doing in the world.

If you are a business and would like to join B1G1 please head over to their website at and you can use my referral code: BM14587.