A Kiwi Christmas

I wasn’t feeling very festive the run up to Christmas this year. Not because I was sad or stressed. I think it was more to do with having spent the last month in a very hot country, to then move to another very hot country. Christmas in hot countries is just a little bit strange when you’ve not done it in a while.

My sister and her partner (Mat) were extremely excited for Christmas and my lack of enthusiasm was slightly concerning for them I think. My theory was confirmed on Christmas Eve Eve when I walked into the lounge and announced, “OK, I’m excited for Christmas now!” and I they both beamed back at me.

So how was it? How was my first (but most definitely not last) Kiwi Christmas?

Well for starters, this hermit has never spent so much time outside! We went for a gorgeous walk on Christmas Eve morning to an arboretum in Hamilton. At home I would have just spent the entire day faffing with food…buying (more), prepping and eating it. There was still some of that done this year, but less so. Pretty sure I snuck a nap in there at some point too.

Christmas Eve also used to be a massive piss up for me. Whether I was with people or alone, when I was drinking, Christmas Eve drinks were always a huge deal. This year (like the last 2) was chilled, sober and I was tucked up in bed well before Santa started his gift giving fly by.

But while we are on the subject, I have been so impressed with the alcohol free options available in the supermarkets here. The UK isn’t bad at all, but there’s definitely room for improvement. Where as here, you could easily find a bit of everything in all the local supermarkets and bottle shops (NZ for off license) and I have to say the choices are pretty decent.

This margarita mocktail was so nice as was this AF pale ale!

If I’m completely honest I was a little concerned about being here now I no longer drink. When ever I’ve spent time with either of my sisters, especially since they moved overseas, there has always been a lot of wine involved. And since I gave up I’ve not really been in an environment for a prolonged period of time where others are drinking. But after 2 weeks here I can say I have pleasantly surprised myself. It hasn’t been a problem at all. I havent’ felt like I’m missing out, haven’t wanted to drink when I’ve seen my sister drink and I’d like to think I’ve been just as much fun. Although maybe I should check with her on that last one.

So anyway, Christmas morning was lovely. It’s been a few years since I’ve gotten to do presents as soon as I’ve woken up. The most fun was had watching JD open and play with his presents and guess what the mystery crochet dragon head was for.

The rest of the day was like any other Christmas day. Food, naps, more food, movies and games and a bit more food. Only here, it was quite hot and I had to keep coming inside every once in a while to have a little lay down. And although I wasn’t drinking I consumed so much sugar I went to bed feeling rough as, and woke up this morning feeling no better!

But we ploughed on and went for another walk today (Boxing Day). This time we drove out to Lake Kainui which was just beautiful, just like everything else here in New Zealand.

Honestly, if you’ve no idea what New Zealand looks like, google it. It really is natural beauty at its finest.

So there you have it, a Kiwi Christmas. Much like it is at home except hotter and they BBQ the main event!






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