The 4 F’s.

Less than 12 months ago I was asked to write down my vision for where I wanted to see myself in a years’ time. If you’ve ever worked with a coach, you may have been asked to do a similar exercise. The idea is to think big, forget about rules and restrictions, just close your eyes and dream…and then write it down!

A couple of nights ago I was chatting over Whatsapp voice messages with my friend Laura, who was the coach I was working with back when I did that exercise.

This is what she said

Shaena, I am so pleased that you are finally doing the things we discussed when we worked together”

She reminded me how the universe works in mysterious ways and even though with the losses I’ve suffered this year it’s been a pretty tough time, I’m doing it. I’m living the life I dreamed of 12 months ago.

Is it perfect? Of course not, nothing in life is. But it’s pretty damn close.

There were four things I wanted when I first set out to create my dream life:

Family – My family are all over the globe and after years only getting to see them for a couple of whirlwind weeks at a time and of course being separated for so long during the pandemic, I decided I wanted to create a life that allowed me to visit them as much as I wanted.

Flexibility – I HATED working 9-5. My last job offered flexible working hours but even that wasn’t enough for me. I hated having to work a fixed number of hours, being told how long I could take for lunch, asking permission to take holidays etc. For some the structure of 9-5 works, for me, it did not! I craved free reign and flexibility.

Freedom – The big one. The one thing everybody wants when starting a business. The freedom to do the things that bring you joy, spend time with the people that bring you joy and create more, yes you’ve guessed it, JOY!

(Flourishing) finances – Because who doesn’t want that? I’ve learned on this journey that money isn’t the be all and end all. But it is something we need to live. And in order to live the life I want comfortably; I need more of it.

So, do I have them? Have I achieved the four F’s?

Well…as I write this I’m sat in my sister’s lounge in Hamilton, New Zealand. I’ve been here a week and before that I spent a month with my parents living in our home in India. And after Christmas I’ll be jumping on anther airplane and heading to the Gold Coast in Australia to spend new year with my other sister and her family.

I have finally found the kind of work that doesn’t feel like I work. It feels so good to just enjoy something and after a few months of working ALL the hours I’ve realised I no longer had to work flat out all of the time. If I want a few hours or a day or even a week off, I can take it. If I choose to work a weekend and then take a few days off in the week I can. If I work a late night, I can take the following morning off. And I can ultimately work from wherever I want. I have free reign and flexibility to work when, how and in any location I want.

The money isn’t quite there yet but I’m doing the things I love; with the people I love so I know it will come.  And well…three out of four ain’t bad, right?

My first week in New Zealand has been full of sleepless nights as a result of jetlag mostly but also with excitable thoughts of being here, living the dream and looking forward to all that’s yet to come.

What was once just a vision, a faraway dream, has come into fruition and is blossoming day by day.




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