A day in the life of…

Confession: This little project of mine didn’t really go as planned. What I mean is there was no plan and I kept forgetting to write things down, take photos and videos. Turns out I don’t carry my phone around with me as much as I thought. So a day in the life of turned into a few different days in the life of, merged together and probably some missing bits. Just goes to show I’m not a professional, nor am I an influencer who has 10 photos minimum taken of everything little daily movement. I’m just me, I forget things and most of my day is pretty dull, but I said I’d share it with you so here goes…

So my alarm goes off every morning at 5.30am. And yes, that means weekends too. Why? Because I’m a weirdo! But mostly because after reading the 5am Club by Robin Sharma I was all inspired and have been trying to wake up early and get an hour to myself to do my morning stuff. When I say stuff I’ll explain in a bit. Anyway Shaena never quite makes it to 5(.30)am club and today was the same.

So I rolled out of bed at 6am, quick trip to the bathroom to use the lavatory and clean my teeth, threw on a hoody and my PJ bottoms, drew back my curtains and headed on down stairs.

Alarm turned off and first things first, go and see what Louis got up to during the night.

Turns out he stayed in the conservatory (sometimes he relocates to his actual dog bed) and has decided that it’s too early to go out for a pee so he’s staying in bed.

So I leave him be and go into my Dad’s reiki room. This used to be Uncle’s old room, he lives with us until I was about 20 if I remember right. We didn’t boot him out or anything, he has learning difficulties and he went to live in assisted living so he could have more independence. Anyway, he only lives a few minutes away so we see him all of the time. Ok, back to the reiki room. My Dad became a reiki master a few years ago and now that’s his thing. I use this room between 6-7am every day to do my miracle morning routine. For those new to my weird rituals, a miracle morning is a routine established to get your mindset ready for a new day. It’s taken from Hal Elrod’s book The Miracle Morning and is a pretty awesome way to start your day. Admittedly I’ve not actually read the book but google gave me the info I needed. And I have read Hal’s second book, The Miracle Equation so I think he’d be ok with me doing that.

So anyway back to the reiki room…again!

I start by switching the heater on because this room used to be our garage so it’s always freezing in there, even in the summer! And then I sit on the floor and start my MM:

Step 1. 5-10min of meditation. The 21 day free meditation here is excellent if you want to give it a go.

Step 2. Affirmations. Look it up if you don’t know what they are. They make you feel badass, try it!

Step 3. Visualise! Imagine yourself in a moment. Any moment that you want for yourself. It can be literally anything but you have to see it, every little detail.

Step 4. Exercise. Some people throw in a whole workout here. I’m still working on that working out thing. Baby steps! Anyway I instead do a bit of a wake up flow yoga sequence.

Step 5. Read. I pick up which ever personal development book I’ve got on the go and try and read a chapter.

Currently reading

And finally step 6. Scribe. I write out at least 3 things I’m grateful for and a quick list of actions and ideas for my day.

So there you have it my miracle morning routine. Some days I go through each step effortlessly, some days I sack it all off…but then regret it later in the day and start affirming and randomly meditating in the middle of the day. I know this routine works for me and I should do it every day. But I am also human and spend a lot of time telling myself ‘I can’t be fucked’…so let’s just say it’s a work in progress.

After this I normally walk back into the kitchen to find my Dad making tea for him and Mum. He is always up first, always. If he stays in bed past 8am then there’s something massively wrong. We say our good mornings and I then head on up for my shower. Which as you’d expect is really not that exciting. But occasionally I listen to something motivational on YouTube like a cheesy graduation speech, Denzel Washington doing a voice over on a clip of some girl running up a mountain or one of those random videos on Facebook with a title like ‘the guy went to get on a bus and you’ll never believe what happened next’. That sort of thing…ya know?! I have also recently started whacking the temperature down to the coldest setting at the end of my shower. It’s this new thing I’m doing, which I’m probably going to write about properly next week so I won’t say much else. Other then I’m currently managing 60 seconds! Hardcore or what?!

All clean

Once suitably cleansed I wrap myself in my towel and with chattering teeth I relocate to my dressing room/old bedroom/reading nook. It’s a very versatile room as you can see.

Here I get dressed, depending on how daring I’m feeling I may or may not pull down the blinds. The likelihood of me choosing anything other than lounge wear is extremely low, but I always try to look semi coordinated. Then it’s a quick blast of the hair with the hairdryer. Slap on my skincare stuff and away I go…..back downstairs. Except for you lot I put on a bit of makeup 😬.

The beautifying process

Now I know you’re all finding this riveting and I don’t want to end the fun too soon but I just want to give you a heads up that I’ll have to do this in two parts. My day is clearly just so jam packed full of exciting things that I can’t just give you the highlights because every bit of my day is a highlight. And we haven’t even gotten to the part where I go into the garden and pick up Louis’ dog shit. Bet you can’t wait!

Dog shit spotting

Anyway I will end part one with breakfast. Because it’s such a glorious affair. Now the day I documented this was not ideal because I forgot to make my favourite breakfast (overnight chocolate oats) the night before so what did I have instead? Cheesy effin beans on toast!!! And it was bloody delightful.

Side note, this is possibly the worst back up option for me because neither bread or cheese are good for my gut so not the best way to begin my day. But I followed it up with my greens glow shot and my daily pharmaceuticals.

Greens glow up shot

Antidepressants, folic acid and a vitamin D (super strength) so that makes up for it, right?

Alas my loyal readers, it is time for me to go and mingle with the other people in the house. Mum and Dad. So I will bid you farewell and I will return in a day or two with the second thrilling instalment of a ‘A day in the life of…’. Until next time….

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