Let’s begin

“We write to taste life twice. In the moment and in retrospect” ~ Anais Nin

Why is the first post the hardest? Why do we feel we need for it to be a spectacular opening, it’s not a book. Or is it? Is blogging just an online book of short stories? Either way, spectacular this is not. In fact I’m not really sure what it is so perhaps instead of asking you a bunch of pointless questions I just type.

Hi there! I’m Shaena, your author, teller of stories, sharer of life lessons and your soulful warrior. Why the soulful warrior? I wish the answer to that had something to do with my dulcet tones and fearless fighting nature, but alas it does not. It just means I feel things deeply and I’ve been through some ‘stuff’. And I guess I’m here to write about some of those deep feelings and share some of that ‘stuff’ with you, my online reader.

So welcome, make yourself comfortable, grab a glass of wine if you like? Not for me though thanks, I don’t drink anymore, but you go right ahead. Ok then, all good? Great, let’s begin…

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  1. The trick to managing depression is to realize it is a sort of drug addiction, except the drugs are all self-stimulated brain chemicals. The trick to managing life is realizing there are billions of people and you statistically will be similar to some and different from others, but somehow have to meet the challenge of being your own unique self with your own idiosyncratic path.

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